Wicked Deadly: Sloth

“Sloth slides into our lifestyles more easily (and unannounced) than any of the other deadly sins. Both the religious and the secular use talents graciously given by God for boring, ultimately meaningless pursuits without a second thought. We should not picture sloth as a laid back couch potato. (Soul resting, celebratory rest is a major part of a well lived life.) Sloth is more like the grim reaper. It is the messenger of death, who, with bony fingers, pokes the spots in our lives that ought to be thriving and causes them to atrophy.”

- Jeff Cook, Seven

Reflection question: What is one area of your life where God calls us to thrive yet you are hedging towards apathy (or even have flat out given up)?

Pray: God meet me in this desert area of my life and turn it to joy!