Ways to Give

Sunday Morning Offering Basket

Place envelope of cash or cheque in the offering basket

Post-Dated Cheques

These can be put in the offering basket and will be locked up in the finance cabinet.
Once the date arrives, the counters will include it in the current offering.

Online Through Canada Helps

Make a one-time or reoccurring donation through the Canada Helps website.

Online Banking

(with Credit Union bank accounts only)

Set up a bill payment with Faith Covenant Church as your “bill” option.
The account number is the first three letters of your first name, first three letters of your last name
(i.e. John Smith’s account would be “johsmi”).

Pre-Authorized Donations

Arrange to have a specific amount withdrawn from your bank account on a specific day(s) each month.

Set-up Steps:

  1. Print-out form

  2. Fill out form

  3. Put completed form in offering basket or email to faithfinance@mymts.net